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Welcome Letter

Lesson Plans:
(There will be a printed copy of this in your bag as well)

Week of March 30th  (Plans for the Week)
Week of April 6th-9th (Plans for the Week)
Week of April 14th-17th (Plans for the Week)

Math Video for Monday,  April 6th (Types of Angles)
Math Video for Tuesday, April 7th (Measure each Angel)

Reading and Vocabulary Links:

March 24th Reading Vocab.  (Click on Present to watch)
April 14th Reading Vocabulary Words
Week of April 14th Cause and Effect Song

Social Studies:
Week of March 30th Video


Rock Cycle Video for the week of March 30th


Zoom (Meeting ID # 453-479-8837)
Spelling City
Pearson (math, reading)
Khan Academy
No Red Ink
Art Hub For Kids

To listen to our class read aloud click on the links below.
*To watch you will need to click on the  link then on the blue download button.
Ch. 8
Kahoot Quiz over Ch. 1-8
(This is just for fun, use pin # 0926137)
Ch. 9 Part A
Ch. 9 Part B _ 1
Ch. 9 Part B _2
Ch. 10 Part A
Ch. 10 Part B
Ch. 11 Part A
Ch. 11 Part B
Ch. 11 Part C
Ch. 12

Are you ready for the next chapter?  Just let me know!