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Lesson Plans:
(There will be a printed copy of this in your bag as well)

Week of May 4th (Plans for the Week)
Week of May 11th (Plans for the Weeks)


Monday, May 4th ~ Greater Than Song
Tuesday, May 5th ~ 2 Digit by 2 Digit Multiplication
Steps for 2 Digit By 2 Digit Multplication
Thursday, May 7th ~ Fraction Song
Friday, May 8th ~ Adding Fractions

Week of May 11th ~ Long Division Video
Long Division Song

Reading and Vocabulary Links:

May 4th Vocabulary Words

Tuesday, May 5th: Title Rules


Social Studies:
Week of May 4

Our State Parks (3 videos, 3-4 min each)
Video Link:

Quiz Link :


Minerals Song


Zoom (Meeting ID # 453-479-8837)
Spelling City
Pearson (math, reading)
Khan Academy
No Red Ink
Art Hub For Kids

Check out one of our Mystery Readers

To listen to our class read aloud click on the links below.
*To watch you will need to click on the  link then on the blue download button.
Ch. 8
Kahoot Quiz over Ch. 1-8
(This is just for fun, use pin # 0926137)
Ch. 9 Part A
Ch. 9 Part B _ 1
Ch. 9 Part B _2
Ch. 10 Part A
Ch. 10 Part B
Ch. 11 Part A
Ch. 11 Part B
Ch. 11 Part C
Ch. 12
Ch. 13
Ch. 14 Part A
Ch. 14 Part B
Ch. 15 Part A
Ch. 15 Part B
Ch. 15 Part C
Ch. 16 Part A
Ch. 16 Part B

Indian in the Cupboard Kahoot Challenge Game

Did you enjoy  Indian in the Cupboard?
If so check out this Book Talk Video about what happens next.